Lake Lure Log House

A spacious, relaxing waterfront vacation home in Lake Lure, NC


New construction in 2006, located in beautiful Shumont Estates, Lake Lure, NC. This property is 3400+sq.feet and has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms (jacuzzi tub in the master bath), a full kitchen, a TV with VCR/DVD player in the downstairs rec room, washer and dryer and propane grill. Gorgeous pine floors upstairs and carpet downstairs. The deck off the great room has a beautiful view of the 12-acre Shumont Lake. The private dock is perfect for swimming and fishing.

Rental of this property includes the full use of the Rumbling Bald Resort (formerly known as The Lake Lure Golf and Beach Resort) which is 5 minutes away. Amenities include 2 golf courses, 3 swimming pools, miniature golf, beach, marina, exercise equipment and spa/salon. No pets allowed. No Smoking.

This spacious home has enough room for  a large family or two families to share without feeling over-crowded. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the kitchen are all on the entry level - ideal for guests who prefer not to climb stairs.

If you are looking to relax and 'get away' for your vacation, this is the house for you! Please check out our photo albums and rates/availability calendar - then contact us to set up your reservation.

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